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Opening: 19 MARCH 2011 - Closing: 30 APRIL 2011





The confines of the Knoedler-Gallery obviously do not permit the actual installation of one of Richard Fleischner’s Grand Land-Projects.


But the photographs, sketches, & sculptures now on-view certainly do evoke his concerns with Shapes & Forms in Space, Sculpture & Architecture in Nature & in Specific-Sites.


Consider his small constructions, Square & Cylinder, formed of wood, wax, & paper!


On a much grander-scale, Fleischner’s Tufa Maze amazes visitors to Kykuit, at the Rockefeller-Estate, in Pocantico-Hills.


Sod Maze is installed in Newport, Rhode Island.


The current show includes works from his series, Lead Drawings, on loan from San Diego’s Museum of Contemporary Art.


Fleischner works small-scale not only in wax & wood, but also in steel, terra-cotta, bronze, & lead.


As the Artist says: "My work grows out of the details that I recognize & acknowledge within the Commonplace & the Universal.


"It is a practice that involves the juxtaposition & critical-distancing between material-interactions & placements.”


But you really have to SEE his Site-Specific Installations or Interventions to get a very strong Visual-Sense of what that means. Words do not suffice…



Also at Knoedler—in the Project-Space:



Rauschenberg x 4


[19 March through 30 April 2011]

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