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Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library & Museum

Address 40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

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Phone Number 212-870-1630

Website http://www.lincolncenter.org


Opening: 24 FEBRUARY 2011 - Closing: 30 APRIL 2011


Four Decades of Theatre Poster Art



Did seeing that Dynamic-Poster for Sweeney Todd make you want to buy tickets for that dynamic show?



How about getting two-on-the-aisle for The Lion King?



That Powerful-Poster with the Black Lion-Head & Bold Black Title on a rich Desert-Yellow-Ground suggests the powers of that marvelous Musical on the Broadway-Stage.



Now, on the Plaza-Corridor gallery-walls of the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, these colorful—even unforgettable—Show-Posters march along the walls, in company with Follies, Our Town, Forbidden Broadway, The Adding Machine, Jekyll & Hyde, & a host of other Show-Biz-Hits.



These are all the ingenious inventions of FRAVERFRAnk VERlizzo, to name names—who has given many a show its Definitive-Image.



Who would have thought to give Steve Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George a Poster that’s one part—the upper section—an extract from the famous Seurat-Painting, showing a Top-Hatted Parisian-Gentleman with a Black-Clad Lady with a Black-Umbrella…



As if this had been ripped from a Color-Print…



But below this image, walking outside the frame, are a man’s legs—in blue-jeans & cowboy-boots—striding alongside the sleekly black-stockinged & black-shoed legs of a black-skirted woman?



Sheer, Sexy Genius!



If you are a Show-Poster-Collector, you should have all of these great Ticket-Purchase-Lures on your own walls. Maybe you can get Fraver to autograph them for you?

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