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Opening: 23 MARCH 2011 - Closing: 19 SEPTEMBER 2011


Politics & Everyday Life in Contemporary Drawing


For most Americans—except those On-Duty in Afghanistan—to say each day "I am still alive” may be hardly worth the Effort of Utterance.


Nonetheless, for certain Artists this has been a Daily-Watchword: No Secret-Police came to arrest them in the Dead of Night. No Censors denied them the Means of Artistic-Expression. Or even Food enough to survive


This Positive-Declarative-Sentence was invoked by On Kawara in Japan, as well as Cengiz Çekil in Turkey.


This new show at MoMA celebrates the realization of various Artists that they are Living in the Real-World: Resisting, Fighting, Accepting, Avoiding, Embracing, Ignoring


Among the Exhibitors: Paul Chan, Andrea Bowers, Felix González–Torres, Fiona Banner, Robert Morris, Guy de Cointet, Trisha Donnelly, Beatriz González, Sam Durant, Jim Hodges, Liam Gillick, & León Ferrari.


The varied works on-view range from the 1950s to the Present, all recently-acquired by MoMA. The real trick would be to offer an Exhibition of Works from the Future, by Famous-Artists who have conceived, but not yet completed, New-Works!


The title, I Am Still Alive, recalls the New-England-Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller’s Declaration that she had "decided to Accept the Universe!”


"By God, she’d better!” exclaimed an Eminent-Observer of Those-More-Innocent-Times.


Still, if a Curator needs a Hook on which to hang a show of Disparate-Elements, Proclaiming One’s Artistic-Sentience to the World-Around-One seems as good as anything.


Certainly more interesting than Contemporary Drawings Since 1957

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