Exhibit Information

Ana Tzarev Gallery

Address 24 West 57th Street
New York, NY
Click here for quick directions
Phone Number 212-586-9800

Website http://www.anatzarev.com


Opening: 5 MAY 2011 - Closing: 1 SEPTEMBER 2011




If you are already familiar with the bold, color-saturated paintings of Ana Tzarev, her new Installation, Spirit of Hawaii, will not disappoint you.


Her customary Thick-Impasto of Oil-Paints—Windsor & Newton must be getting Rich!—runs riot in depicting Hula-Dancers & Coffee-Bean-Harvesters in-motion.


Oddly enough, all Tzarev’s Hawaiians seem to have Flattened-Noses. When you go to one of the Hawaiian-Islands, you won’t find so many Natives actually looking like that…


This through-running Nose-Convention is, however, excused by a Commentator who suggests that this owing to Ana’s distinctive Naïve-Vision.


Especially interesting are the artworks that deal with Hawaii’s Deposed-Monarchy. Queen Lili’uokalani is seen making a Quilt-of-Memories. She is most remembered as the author of the beloved song, Aloha.


Unfortunately for Hawaii’s Royal-House, it interfered with America’s Manifest-Destiny, under which it was deemed Necessary for Hawaii to become a Territory, like Alaska.


Not to overlook its Importance as the Birthplace of the current President of the United-States!
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