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COUNTER-SPACE: Design & the Modern Kitchen

Opening: 15 September 2010 - Closing: 14 March 2011

For an admirer of German/Austrian Jugendstil & Bauhaus Design, what an astonishment this new show at MoMA is! Here’s a stunningly-simple Poster, designed for AEG by Peter Behrens!

[AEG is General-Electric auf Deutsch…]

In fact, the earlier elements in this wide-ranging show suggest that Germans were the first to realize that most Kitchens were Inefficient, even Unpleasant-Places for Women to Slave over Hot-Stoves.

COUNTER-SPACE: Design & the Modern Kitchen examines the kitchen & its continual-redesign as a barometer of changing Aesthetics, Technologies, & Ideologies.

Some 300 items—drawn from the Museum’s Collections—include Design-Objects, Architectural-Plans, Posters, Photographs, Archival-Films, Prints, Paintings, & Media-Works.

The show’s Centerpiece is an unusually-complete example of the Iconic Frankfurt-Kitchen, designed in 1926–27 by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, recently acquired by MoMA.

After World War I, some 10,000 of these Compact-Kitchens were manufactured for Public-Housing-Estates—built around Frankfurt-am-Main—as part of a comprehensive 5-year program to Modernize Frankfurt.

As they say: Awesome!

The show is arranged in three fascinating sections which span the 20th Century: The New Kitchen, Visions of Plenty, & Kitchen-Sink-Dramas…

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