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DEGAS: Drawings & Sketchbooks

Opening: 9/24/2010 - Closing: 1/23/2011

This is a small-scale show—with low-light-levels—featuring twenty drawings by Degas, along with two of his Sketchbooks, demonstrating this innovative Impressionist’s daring & inventiveness. Included are works depicting quintessential Degas-Subjects—from his earliest portraits of himself, family-members, & friends, to his later intensive studies of Dancers & Performers.

Thirty-eight Sketchbooks by Degas have survived essentially intact. They cover the period between 1853 & 1886, preserving the most significant Sustained-Record of any Impressionist-Artist. In this show, one book dates from his first trip to Italy; the other is from height of his fame in Paris. The early sketchbook contains diligent student-work, such as sketches of Antique-Statuary & copies of Renaissance-Frescoes & paintings.

Degas’ explorations of Dancers—in rehearsal, on stage, & at rest—began in the 1870s, intensifying over the decades. One of Degas’ principal-concerns as a Draftsman was analyzing the Movements & Gestures of the Female-Body.

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