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New York, NY 10023

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Opening: 21 October 2010 - Closing: 15 January 2011

If only we had a new WPA Federal-Theatre-Program, perhaps we could nurture a new Alwin Nikolais, who was so greatly helped to develop his Distinctive-Dance-Theatre during the Great-Depression.


Beginning as an Innovative-Puppeteer, Nikolais came to dance later, but soon developed a new Free-Form kind of Dance-Movement. It was almost Abstract, his dancers often costumed in unusual forms which they animated in ways that made it seem these colorful, vibrating, undulating Sculptural-Structures had lives of their own!


Nikolais’ uses of Light—as well as of Space, Sound, & Structure—made his Creations a Revelation to many Theatre-Practitioners.


This intriguing show in the Astor-Gallery is image-rich in Posters, Photos, & Dance-Videos, but it also provides some of Nikolais’ actual Tubal-Structures to let viewers imagine how they might be able to animate such Dance-Movement-Challenges.


Your Arts-Reporter—writing for Dance, Theatre-Crafts, & Cue Magazine’s In the Words of…—was privileged to interview both with Nikolais & Murray Louis, long one of his Leading-Dancers & Collaborators. What days those were…

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