Exhibit Information

Park Avenue Armory

Address 643 Park Avenue
@65th Street
Click here for quick directions
Phone Number 212-616-3930

Website http://www.armoryonpark.org


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Sanford Smith used to offer a Works-on-Paper Park-Avenue-Armory Show, but it’s no longer on his show-roster. Perhaps it’s been subsumed? The IFPDA PRINT FAIR is also managed by Smith.


If Your Arts-Reporter not mistaken, most of the same dealers have presented their Estimable-Wares at both shows. But I wouldn’t have known about this Print-Fair at all, had not a dealer from Chicago sent me a card with all the Info


The first IFPDA Print-Fair took place in 1991. This year’s event was linked to Breast-Cancer-Research!


Not only were all the dealers I spoke with very supportive of this Worthy-Cause, but they were also unfailingly generous of their time in talking about the Engravings, Etchings, Prints, Lithographs, & other Arts they had on display.


If I had another Bookcase at home & had had two Shopping-Bags, I could have brought home two shelves-worth of stunning Catalogues!


Oddly enough, one is not permitted to bring a Shoulder-Bag into the shows at the Armory, so one can soon have hands & arms crammed with valuable Backgrounders… But with no hands free to take photos!


As longtime Editor of The Art-Deco News & The Modernist, I thought I’d seen all of the best Art-Deco print-makers. But the elegant, energy-implied Deco Curves & Swirls of Cyril Power were entirely New to me.


Rather than try to describe some of the more fascinating Print-Stalls, I’d like to share a series of INFOTOGRAPHY™ shots I took of various Booths & Trophy-Prints.


As they say, One Picture Is Worth a Thousand-Words

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