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Opening: 10 November 2010 - Closing: 10 April 2011

Steichen: Flat Iron; 1904
There’s nothing quite like looking at Old-Photographs.

Steichen: Portraits Evening
They may be grainy, faded, curled, even coming loose from their framing-mounts. But they have Survived!

Strand: Bowls; 1916
The Cameras & Lenses used to create them are certainly now almost Archaic.

In some cases, the Photographic-Papers & Developing-Chemicals have not stood the Test of Time.

Nonetheless, in the Met’s current photo-show, viewers will surely recognize some Iconic-Shots, memorialized in coffee-table Photo-Tomes!

Steichen: The Little Round Mirror; 1901-05
The diverse & groundbreaking work of Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, & Paul Strand is documented in a presentation of 115 photographs, drawn entirely from the Museum’s Collections, including Stieglitz’s famous portraits of Georgia O’Keeffe, Steichen’s large colored-photographs of the Flatiron-Building, and Strand’s pioneering Abstractions.

Alfred Stieglitz [1864–1946] was a photographer of Supreme-Accomplishment & a Forceful & Influential-Advocate for Photography & Modern-Art—through his Gallery "291,” as well as in his Sumptuous-Journal: Camera Work.

Stieglitz also laid the foundation for the Museum’s Collection-of-Photographs.

Stieglitz: Georgia Okeeffe; 1933
In 1928, he donated 22 of his own works to the Metropolitan; these were the first photographs to enter the Museum’s Collection as Works-of-Art.

In later decades, he gave the Museum more than 600 photographs by his Contemporaries, including Edward Steichen & Paul Strand.

The exhibition includes numerous photographs from Stieglitz’s extraordinary Composite-Portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe [1887–1986], part of a group of works selected for the Museum’s Collection by O’Keeffe herself.

Strand: Men of Santa Anna Michoacan; 1940
Stieglitz made more than 330 images of O’Keeffe between 1917 & 1937—of her Face, Torso, Hands, or Feet alone, Clothed & Nude, Intimate & Heroic, Introspective & Assertive. [How about that! A Considerable-Achievement!]

Through these photographs, Stieglitz revealed O’Keeffe’s Strengths & Vulnerabilities, almost single-handedly defining her Public-Persona for generations to come…

Stieglitz: Georgia Okeefe; 1918

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