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GREAT EUROPEAN LIBRARIES: Photographs by Massimo Listri

Opening: 10 December 2010 - Closing: 9 January 2011

GREAT EUROPEAN LIBRARIES: Photographs by Massimo Listri




The handsomely restored Morgan-Library looks splendid. But its Curators seem to be trying to Up-stage this Magnificence with a stunning new show of The Great Baroque & Rococo Libraries of Europe.


These are large-scale photos by Massimo Listri, almost all of them looking down the length of such great collections of Rare-Books & Manuscripts as the Library of the Monastery of St. Gallen, Dublin’s Trinity College Library, The Laurentian Library & that of the Hospital of the Innocents, both in Florence, the Malatestiana Library in Cesena, the Strahov Library in Prague, & the Vatican Library in Rome, which played such an important role in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons!


Listri has printed these photos so that they are almost five-feet-wide & four-feet-high! You can almost believe you are standing in the magnificent-entrances of these great Bibliothèques.


Your Arts-Reporter had the good fortune to photograph most of these Libraries himself in the 1950s, long before Museum-Directors went crazy about the Public taking pictures in such Historic-Collections. My photos are actually fairly good—considering the equipment & film I could then afford—but they are No Match for the Magnificence of Listri’s Iconic-Images.


Although you cannot make photos now—even without flash—in most of these remarkable rooms, you can certainly inspect such priceless-manuscripts as the Book of Kells, in the Trinity College Library.


When you are next in Firenze, when you visit the Laurentian Library, remember that it was designed by no less a genius than Michelangelo!


For that matter, if you are a Valid-Researcher—if you make arrangements & appointments in advance—you can actually have access to very rare books & papers in almost all of these great Libraries. No Ball-Point-Pens, Please!


But you do not have to journey to Prague or to Switzerland’s St. Gallen to study Ancient-Manuscripts & Incunabula: You can do that on Madison Avenue at the Morgan Library! Give them a Call…

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