Exhibit Information

Park Avenue Armory

Address 643 Park Avenue
@65th Street
Click here for quick directions
Phone Number 212-616-3930

Website http://www.armoryonpark.org


Opening: 21 january 2011 - Closing: 30 january 2011




This is easily the most important & impressive of the Armory Dealer-Shows. Many of the Big-Name-Exhibitors create booths that suggest attractive Interiors or even small Stage-Sets: This is how our handsome antiques might look in your home!


When Your Arts-Reporter first came to New York—almost 57 years ago—he misread the banner outside the Park Avenue Armory: I thought the show was a Benefit for the East-Side Settlement-House, but the East-Side looked so prosperous, I couldn’t imagine where this Settlement-House actually was.


The UN had been built on the East-River, where Slaughter-Houses had formerly been. Had it been here? Had the Upscale-Board moved it somewhere else?


No, No! The correct name is the East-Side House-Settlement & it is located in the South-Bronx, presumably on the East-Side of the South. Actually, it’s in Mott-Haven…


Important projects in Education & Community-Outreach are its major activities. It benefits from the Admissions & Special Previews & Parties that make the Winter Antiques Show such an outstanding Social-Event. No profits from Dealer-Sales are diverted to the East-Side House-Settlement.


Rather than list all the handsome Dealer-Booths—you can find them On-Line, along with splendid photos of some of the On-Sale Treasures—I’d like, instead, to share some of my own photos of these Marvels.


If One-Picture is Worth a Thousand-Words, then Ten, Fifteen, or Twenty Photos would save me a lot of typing…


The Winter Antiques Show catalogue is also a very handsome Keeper!

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