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SELF-TAUGHT PAINTERS IN AMERICA, 1800-1950: Revisiting the Tradition

Opening: 11 January 2011 - Closing: 2 April 2011

SELF-TAUGHT PAINTERS IN AMERICA, 1800-1950: Revisiting the Tradition



What would an exhibition of Naïve or Self-Taught American Painters be, without The Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks?


Hicks must have painted scores of these, if not hundreds. The Biblical-Vision of the Lion lying down with the Lamb was transformed—at least in the version now on view at Galerie St. Etienne—into a Lamb lying next to a luxuriously spread-out Leopard!


In the background, William Penn seems to be doing business with some Indians. Possibly buying Penn’s-Woods, or Penn-Sylvania


As Otto Kallir—founder of the Galerie—was the great advocate of the artworks of "Grandma Moses,” aka Anna Mary Robertson, 13 choice canvases are on view. Vintage-Moses: Over the River to Grandma’s House on Thanksgiving Day.


Other Naïve Americans include Erastus Salisbury Field, Morris Hirschfield, John Kane, & Ammi Phillips.


Some of the paintings come from the Bennington Museum in Vermont, where they now have plenty of Grandma Moses-type Snow.


As with all her previous shows, Jane Kallir has written a very informative essay about these Painters & the Concept of Untaught or Naïve Artists.


Did you know that Samuel Finley Breese Morse—the Inventor of the Telegraph—couldn’t make it as a Portrait-Painter, so he switched to Science? His Statue stands in Central Park at 72nd Street & Fifth Avenue. He seems to be reading from a Ticker-Tape


If you’d like to read Jane Kallir’s excellent essay, go online: http://www.gseart.com.
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