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Ana Tzarev Gallery

Address 24 West 57th Street
New York, NY
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Phone Number 212-586-9800

Website http://www.anatzarev.com


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The handsome Black & Gold Catalogue for the current exhibition of the colorful canvases of Victor Razgulin comes to West 57th Street from the SBM Gallery in Moscow!


At first glance, the Imperial VR on the cover suggests Victoria-Regina


Posed before his painting of a oval-faced woman, reclining on a colorful sofa, surrounded by colorful pillows & cloths, Razgulin looks a bit like a Monk out of Tolstoi or Pushkin.


His pictures of Russian-People & Russian-Scenes, painted in very broad brush-strokes, look rather like Late-Matisse.


He seems to favor Pastels, which work very well when he is evoking child-like Snow-Scenes, but there are other canvases with Intense Color-Saturations.


At the Opening-Reception, only the ground-floor of the Ana Tzarev Gallery was open—which is where the Razgulin Art-Works are deployed—so it was extremely difficult to push through the Free-Drinks-Crowd to get close enough to any one painting to inspect it closely.


Few of the Drinkers seemed to be interested in the Paintings. Visiting, Gossiping, & Networking were the Order of the Evening.


I must return on a day when there is No-One in the Gallery, save the Attendants. These charming visions deserve Close-Inspection.

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