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Report from Iran/Persia March 2016


Report from Persia/Iran in March 2016

©Glenn Loney 2016

KEEPER OF THE GOLDEN-CAMEL: The Mark of Zorro-Aster!

Hey! Alex!

Keep your Hands-Off anything pertaining to Zoroaster, the Keeper of the Golden-Camel!

Or did that Non-Smokeable-Camel belong to Someone-Else with Prophetic-Gifts?

Anyway, Alexander-The-Great was not really All-That-Great!

He may well have Wept when he discovered that he Had-No-More-Worlds-To-Conquer, but, all along the way, he left a Trail-of-Destruction of Historic-Temples, Antiquities, Forums & even Public-Amenities.

Alex-The-Great did his Dirty-Deeds at Persepolis, laying waste to Endless-Temples, Shrines, Antiquities, Forums & especially Public-Amenities.

Fortunately, Persia had been a Vast-Empire long before Alex-The-Great came along & it survived not only Greeks & Romans & Crusaders, but also the Colonial-Brits & the Aspiring-French, with Dreams-of-Domination in the Middle-Eastern-Arena.

Persia is still there, but Iran did not do so well at the hands of the CIA & Foreign-Policy-Makers in DC.

Installing the Shah-in-Shah proved to be Not-a-Good-Idea, but at least his Insanely-Bejeweled Peacock-Throne is still on-view in the Upper-Reaches of Teheran?

Over-the-Years, Diplomatic & Trade-Sanctions against Cuba & Iran have not done much to advance any Sensible-American-Objectives. Rather, they have Hurt-the-Ordinary-People?

Lift the Anti-Iranian-Sanctions & see how fast American-Women-Shoppers will Empty-All-the-Bazaars!

Not Only That! Almost every Iranian you meet will hug you & want to take a Selfie!

The Fulfillment of an Almost Life-Long-Dream?

Thank-You, Jesus! Thank-You, Mohammad! Thank-You, Ancient-Persia! Thank-You, Modern-Iran!

Thank-You, Passport-Officials! Thank-You, Turkish-Air & Air-Iran! Thank-You, Ali & Laconia!

Also: Thank-You, Sanction-Raisers in Wash/DC!

Most of All: Thank-You, Stanford-University Alumni-Study-Trips!

At Long Last, actually Seeing, Feeling, & Being in Persepolis & Shiraz was the Fulfillment of a Dream that stretches back to 1958, when I was Teaching-Our-Troops & AMERICAN-ARAMCO Staff in Dhahran in the Eastern-Province of Saudi-Arabia.

At Easter-Tide, all the Religiously-Inclined ARMACO-Americans?as well as the BP-Brits & Dutch-Shellers?deserted Arabia for Persia, determined to investigate the Ancient-Sites of Persepolis & Shiraz.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go along, as I was paid only $2,500-per-Year as a Contract-Professor of English & Communication for the University-of-Maryland-Overseas.

In my Online-Book about my Time-Abroad, Overseas & Underpaid, there are more stories about Opportunities-Missed?

When the Shah-in-Shah decided to Celebrate Persian-Millennia at Shiraz, his Imperial-Sister invited the Famed-Brit-Director Peter Book to stage Ted Hughes? Orghast at Persepolis.

Unfortunately, although I had watched Peter rehearse the Sufi-Masterpiece, The Conference of the Birds, at the Gobelins-Factory in Paris, for the Edinburgh-Festival & the Later-Edification of Lettuce-Workers in the Salinas-Valley & Native-Americans at Wounded-Knee, I was unable to attend & report-on Orghast at Persepolis.

I had to be in Bayreuth at the Annual-Wagner-Festival for a new Wolfgang-Wagner-Directed RING?

Art in Modern-Iranian-Cities: Murals, Murals, Murals Everywhere!

Our Man-in-Kabul: Ambassador Karl Eikenberry!

Almost in Kabul: Loney set to visit USAID-HQ!

Bowing Before the Tomb of Emperor Cyrus-The-Great: Is Anybody in There?

Darius-The-Great & Xerxes-The-Almost-Equally-Great Entombed in a Stone-Mountainside!

Grave-Robbers Beware!

Even if you manage to drop-down from above or get Ladders Long-Enough to Climb the Rock-Face, how are you going to get all that Booty down & out & far away?

Domestic-Troubles for the Shah-in-Shah: The Need for a Male-Heir!

German-Women?s-Magazines feverishly reported that: K?nigin Soraya weint bittere Tr?nene?

Close-Encounters with the Shah-in-Shah?s Favorite-Chauffeur:

Shout-Out for Iranian Hotel-Managers!

How about some Hooks in the Bathrooms so Guests can Hang-Their-Towels?

How about some Grab-Bars in the Bathtubs so Seniors can Shower or Sit-Down?

How about some Higher-Toilets & Lower-Bathtubs for Handicapped-Seniors?

How about some More Golden-Glitter & Sparkling-Mirror-Fragments to fill-up those Few-Empty-Spaces on Walls, Ceilings, & Hallways?


Are there any Famous-Persian-Miniatures that have not already been Massively-Enlarged to show the Saudi-Arabs that The Prophet?s Fatwa against the Use of Human, Animal, or Avian-Images?Forbidden in the Blessed-Qu?uran/Koran?is not Operative in Iranian-Territories?

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