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Love and Money

September 1, 2015
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AR Gurney’s LOVE & MONEY [***]

What Is the Root of All Evil? Love of Money, Not the Money Itself—But Watch-Out for Con-Men!

"Pete” Gurney has almost made a Career out of presenting Buffalo as the Center of the Upstate-Wasp-Universe, with Good-Breeding shown to Greatest-Advantage in Family-Dining-Rooms.

Buffalo, for God’s Sake!

Forget about Rochester…

Fortunately, Love & Money is set on the Upper-East-Side, not Upstate.

Maureen Anderman is Totally-Believable as Cornelia Cunningham, a Very-Rich-Wasp-Lady, who is making Final-Arrangements for the Auction of her Treasures & the Disbursement of her Investments to the Deserving-Unfortunate of the Wide-World.

Joe Paulik plays a Young-Attorney who is determined that she shall not Make-Monetary-Mistakes.

Suddenly, an Energetic-Young-Black-Con-Man appears on the Scene, hoping to Strike-It-Rich as a Bastard-Grand-Son.

Gabe Brown is charming in this Manufactured-Role.

But the Entire-Evening is such a Mish-Mash & Wasp-Pastiche, that one worries whether Gurney is Past-His-Prime?

Were it not for the Eager-Openness of Maureen Anderman to All the Potential-Inheritors of This-&-That—including a Player-Piano which just might go to the Juilliard-School—none of Gurney’s Plot-Devices would work.

If you knew where Cornelia is now living, you might just drop-by & let her give you her Complete-Bound-Dickens.

That’s only One of the many Costly-Set-Dressing-Objects with which Designer Michael Yeargan has Stuffed-the-Stage.

Wasn’t Maureen Anderman once a Big-Lizard—or something like that—in an Edward-Albee-Fantasy?

I seem to recall that that Odd-Drama was directed by Mark Lamos, who has also staged Love & Money.

Lamos used to be at Hartford-Stage, but he is now at the Westport-Country-Playhouse.

Nowhere near Buffalo…

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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