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A Midsummer's Night Dream

September 1, 2015

At The Pearl-Theatre:

Chris Marlowe or Bill Shakespeare’sA MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM[*****]

What Fools These Mortals Be! Aha! But They Are of Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made…

Do not think that you will have "but slumbered here”—as the Bard has it—for there is No-Possibility that you will fall asleep during the High-Octane-Performances of this Hudson-Valley-Shakespeare MNSD-Troupe!

But it’s not only their Furiously-Choreographed-Energy that will keep you on the edge of your seat…

No, there’s a Visual-Problem to Solve: Who Is Really Playing Whom?

An Engaging-Gaggle of Five-Actors plays All-the-Roles in this Bare-Bones, Empty-SpaceMidsummer-Night’s Dream.

This is Challenging-Fun for those who already Know-the-Play, but if you have never before seenMidsummer-Night’s Dream, you probably won’t have a Clue about what is going-on or Who is Whoooom.

All the Players are Interchangeably-Excellent, but Mark Bedard is certainly the Funniest & the Most-Versatile in Moods, Movements, Gestures, Grimaces, Grunts, & Groans.

There is Nothing-Rotten about any of the Talented-Cast, but Bedard already has My-Vote for Best-Actor in a Revival of a Shakespearean-Play.

Considering the Recent-Misfires down at the Pearl on Far-West Forty-Second, it is encouraging to have such Stalwarts as Sean McNall & Joey Parsons back again.

Stage-Director Eric Tucker has borrowed a page from Peter Brook’s Playbook in giving us an "Empty-Stage” that functions both as a Rectangular-Performance-Arena & a Sandbox for Wild-Kids on the Loose.

What-Is-More: Marlowe [or Shakespeare] should take Joy in hearing such Wondrous-Words so Clearly & Artfully-Spoken!

But it’s not just the Excellence-of-the-Diction…

No, indeed!

Although I have seen & heard more MSND-Stagings than most Theatre-Critics & Drama-Professors, I heard some New-Nuances in Older-Images.

Bravo! But People did leave at the Interval, possibly Baffled…

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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