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Amazing Grace

September 1, 2015
Christopher Smith & Arthur Giron’s AMAZING GRACE [*****]

Not Only Amazing, But Also Awesome—Visually & Musically:

Slave-Trade & Traders, Tall-Ships & Naval-Engagements, African-Queens, London-Parlors,

Abolitionists, The Prince-Regent, & That Unforgettable-Anthem…

The Most-Amazing-Musical now on Broadway is Amazing Grace, which takes its Entranced-Audiences on a Terrifying-Visual-Tour of the 18th-Century British-Slave-Trade & its Eventual-Extinction.

But it is also the Transformative-Tale of the Emotional-Evolution of Musician-&-Slaver, John Newton, who gave the World his Own-Experiences, encapsulated in his Musical-Testimony: Amazing Grace.

Press-Reps called to warn that the Newtonian-Star, Josh Young, had Sprained-His-Ankle & would not be in the Show-Cast on Our-Press-Night.

But Our-Good-Luck was to be transfixed by the Amazing-Performance of Vince Oddo, as John Newton.

He commanded the Role & the Stage as though he’d been Newton from the Amazing Grace Premiere, back at the Goodman-Theatre in Chicago.

Amazing Grace opened in the Summer, so it has not received the Attention nor the Praise that it deserves.

It has amazing Production-Values: Tall-Ships in Devastating-Storms; Drowning-Men in Deep, Deep Waters; Harrowing-Slave-Auctions; Scurrying-Quakers with Abolitionist-Plots; The Colorful-Court of an African-Queen; Presentation to the Prince-Regent…

There’s almost Too-Much-Newtonian-Auto-Biography onstage, but it is all wonderfully retold through a Marvelous-Musical-Score & Lilting-Lyrics by Christopher Smith.

Not a Man, Woman, or Child in the Cast is less than Musically-&-Emotionally Moving-&-Engaging.

What an Amazing-Surprise to discover that the Co-Author of this Amazing-Book is none other than my Dear-Old-Friend, Arthur Giron, who years ago transfixed me with his Stage-Celebration of Edith Stein, a Catholic-Nun who died as a Jew in the Holocaust.

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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