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Cloud Nine

September 1, 2015
Caryl Churchill’s CLOUD NINE [*****]

Unscheduled Medical-Emergency Adds Sense-of-Reality To Hilarious Colonial-Brit Sex-Spoof!

Hey, Guess What?

Tommy Tune, the Original-Manhattan-Director of Cloud Nine, was in the Atlantic-Audience!

So was an Older-Lady—seated just below him in the Wood-Beam-Bleachers—who was suddenly Over-Come, providing an Unplanned-Extra-Intermission.

On entering the Atlantic’s Former-Church-Sanctuary-Space, One’s Eye was immediately taken by the White-Wooden-Beamed-Bleachers that now fill the Once-Sanctified-Premises.

These Tiers-of-Timber were not Easy-of-Access for Aged-Handicapped Old-Duffers, but I did not want to miss this Lively-Revival of the Eighties-Flavored Caryl Churchill Sex-Shocker, Cloud Nine.

The Sexual-Frissons—which once caused Spectator-Gasps—now seem somewhat Old-Hat, as we are so accustomed to hearing Fuck in Mature-Stage-Dialogue.

Having Actors & Actresses switch Gender-Roles is always Good-for-a-Laugh, but having so much Gayness on stage may still bother some Senior-Citizens.

Cloud Nine opens with what in Asia would have been a British-Raj being so very Upper-Class & High-Handed with his Native-Servant, who privately Keeps-His-Own-Counsel.

But we are not in Bangalore, Bombay, Mysore, Jodhpur, or Calcutta.

No, indeed! Churchill & Director James MacDonald have fictionally transported us to British-Colonial-Africa, where the Drums of Oude are insistently thumping in the Background: The Natives Are Restless…

In this Time & Place, the Social & Sexual-Roles assigned to Men & to Women were Religiously-Rigid.

What every Pater-Familias aspired to & wished for his Son was Manliness, especially of the British-Victorian-Variety.

Hail to The Queen!

But Woe unto those Queens who had Deviant-Desires!

Bravos for the Entire-Cast: Brooke Bloom, Sean Dugan, Lucy Owen, Chris Perfetti, John Sanders, Izzie Steele, & Clarke Thorell.


In the Second-Half, we are back in Merrie-England, a Century-Later, with some Genders again reversed.

As a Strutting-Studly-Gay-Cruiser, Sean Dugan was On-the-Mark & Walked-the-Walk…

But Clarke Thorell was hilarious both as a Stiff-Upper-Lipped-Colonial-Brit & a rambunctious Pigtailed-Scamp named Cathy.

Cheers for Designers Dane Lafferty—Wood-Beam-Bleachers, Gabriel Berry, & Scott Zielinski.

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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