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The Legend of Georgia McBride

September 1, 2015
At The Lucille-Lortel-Theatre:

Matthew Lopez’s THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA McBRIDE [*****]

Failed Elvis-Impersonator Knocks-Em-Dead as Drag-Queen-Georgia!

Blue-Suede-Shoes cannot compete with Kinky-Boots, Spangles, Fantastic-Wigs, Glitter, Feathers, & Drag-Lip-Synch, as Straight-Casey [Dave Thomas Brown] discovers to his Surprise-&-Dismay.

Performing in a Down-Scale-Club in Panama-City, Florida, Casey’s Watered-Down-Elvis is not exactly Packing-Them-In.

But when Take-No-Prisoners-Tracy [Matt McGrath] appears to Headline in Fabulous-Drag, the somewhat Appalled-&-Overwhelmed Casey soon Gets-The-Message.

His Expensive-New-Elvis-Suit gets Re-Cut as a Swaggy-Drag-Outfit.

Casey’s Young Wife, Jo, [Afton Williamson] is Pregnant, but now he will at least be able to Pay-the-Rent.

Nonetheless, he’s reluctant to tell her where all this Cash-Flow is coming-from…

When she turns-up at the Club—run by an Increasingly-Outrageous-Eddie [Wayne Duvall]—Casey is suddenly Blind-Sided.

Jo seems Understandably-Upset, but it’s not that Casey’s Straight-To-Drag-Transformation appalls her.

No, Indeed! Jo is overwhelmed because Casey as a Drag-Queen is so Gorgeous!

After the Initial-Narrative-Framings, The Legend of Georgia McBride becomes an All-Stops-Out-Drag-Show.

Gorgeous! Sexy! Glamorous, Funny! Fancy-Free!

Keith Nobbs is Hilarious as a Second-Banana-Drag-Queen, as well as Casey’s Landlord.

Anita Yavich could be Designing in Vegas, so Dazzling are her Drag-Costumes!

If you are Too-Fearful of being seen at a Real-Drag-Show, it’s quite OK to see a Professional-Theatre-Version down at the Lucille-Lortel-Theatre.

Take-the-Wife! Or Your-Significant-Other…

It took about Ten-Seconds to realize that I’d seen Georgia McBride before!

It/She was a Headliner at the Denver-New-Play-Summit.

Mike Donahue directed, with Colorful-Choreography by Paul McGill.

This is a Limited-Run, but the Show surely should Transfer-Uptown!

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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