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Spring Awakening

September 1, 2015
At The Brooks-Atkinson-Theatre:

Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik’s SPRING AWAKENING [*****]

Silent-Signing-Singers Recreate Grim-German-Gymnasium of 1891:

Who Knew About Love-&-Longings? All That Mattered Was Not Disgracing Your Family…

The most Visually-Stunning, Musically-Moving, & Astoundingly-Innovative Musical-Theatre you will see all this Season is now on Broadway—but in a severely Limited-Run.

The Lofty-Stage of the Brooks Atkinson has been turned into a Cavernous-Three-Story German-Gymnasium, which looks more like a Small-Scale-Prison, which it really is for most of the Young-Teens who are trying to Pass the Final-Exams.

But this is not a Gym as Americans understand the Term.

Instead, it is like an American-High-School in the Victorian-Era, where Whipping & Caning was believed to Produce-Good-Results: Spare the Rod & Spoil the Child…

More time is spent on Latin-Conjugations than on preparation for Future-Conjugal-Relations…

Sex must never rear its Ugly-Head.

Teachers are Tyrants; Parents are often Clueless; Kids are Pawns.

So it is that Lovely Wendla dies in a Botched-Abortion & both Moritz & Melchior end-up in their Graves.

Tall Metal-Ladders scoot about the Smokey-Stage, connecting with Upper-Level-Cat-Walks, as Magisterial-Masters & Treacherous-Teachers deliberately Doom some of their Young-Students to Failure & Heartbreak.

But what makes this Singing-Academy so special Visually is that All the Students are Signing, even if someone else is Singing for them.

Almost all the Young-Performers are Deaf!

This Amazing-Staging has had a Year-Long-Run in Beverly-Hills, produced by Deaf-West-Theatre.

One of the Adults who is not Afraid to Speak-Up is Patrick Page, fondly-remembered as the Nasty-Villain in Spider-Man & the Big-Schozzed-Hero in Cyrano de Bergerac.

Even before the Signing & Singing begin, the Attractively-Young & Super-Talented Cast is in Underwear, gradually transforming themselves into Mini-Prussians.

Duncan Sheik’s Percussive-Score is anything but Period. But it does have its Prussian-Moments…

Steven Sater’s adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s Vintage-Show-Scandal, Frühlings-Erwachen—it was Censored, Suppressed, Banned—is distinguished by Dynamic-Lyrics. Nominations are in Order!

Dane Lafferty has designed both the Gloomy-Gym & the Period-Costumes.

Ben Stanton’s Moody-Lighting & Gareth Owen’s Subtle-Sound-Design do much to aid the Visual & Emotional-Effects.

Oddly enough, Frank Wedekind—without whom there would be no Spring-Awakening, Spoken or Sung or Signed—is not mentioned in the Cast-&-Crew-Biographies.

Fortunately, Director Michael Arden & Chorographer Spencer Liff do receive their Just-Desserts.

Deaf-West-Theatre has been On-Broadway before: Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

After the Thunderous-Final-Ovations, we caught Patrick Page on his way home.

Why was this Outstanding-Musical going to close so soon? It ought to run longer than Lion-King

Unfortunately, the Brooks Atkinson is booked for another show in Mid-Winter.

Please! Shuberts! Nederlanders! Jujamcyns!

Find Spring-Awakening another Broadway-Stage or German-Gym soonest!

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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