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The Quare Land

September 1, 2015
At The Irish-Repertory-Theatre, [temporarily] at The-Daryl-Roth-Theatre:

John McManus’s THE QUARE LAND [***]

Electrocuted in His Own Bathtub! Crusty Old Irishman Gets What Was Coming-To-Him!

With a Rhyming-Name like Hugh Pugh, it’s No-Wonder that Hugh Pugh has a High-Regard for himself, with little to show for his Life in the Real-World.

As blusteringly-embodied by Peter Maloney, the aged Hugh Pugh—only seen soaking in his Foamy-Bath—is both a Bully & a Loud-Mouthed-Blowhard.

The Miserable-Hovel in which he lives is first seen from its Shabby-Exterior, which revolves to disclose Hugh Pugh immersed in a Room-Filling-Bathtub.

His Sudsy-Reveries are interrupted by a High-Pressure Estate-Developer who wants Hugh Pugh to sell him a Miserable-Swamp that Hugh Pugh did not know he owned.

A Dead-Irish-Acquaintance had robbed him en-route to New York, so the Gift of this Useless-Land was a Kind of Earthly-Apology, before he was killed while working on Steel-Girders on a Memorable-Skyscraper.

Rufus Collins was excellent as the Never-Say-Die-Developer Rob McNulty.

Rob has developed a handsome Residential-Estate & he must have Hugh Pugh’s Swampy-Land for a Golf-Course.

He is willing to pay almost Any-Price, but Hugh Pugh keeps Raising-the-Ante…

Unfortunately, despite the Passionate-Antics of Rob, raging in frustration, this Two-Hander goes on too long.

The estimable Ciarán O’Reilly staged.

David Toser designed the Costumes, which must have been an Easy-Assignment, for Hugh Pugh never gets out of his Bath.

Copyright 2015 Glenn M. Loney

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