Hand to God

September 1, 2015


September 1, 2015
At The Harvey-Theatre at BAM: Anne Carson’s Version of Sophokles’ ANTIGONE [***] If Only Oedipus Had Kept His Temper at That Place Where Three-Roads-Met…

The Quare Land

September 1, 2015
At The Irish-Repertory-Theatre, [temporarily] at The-Daryl-Roth-Theatre: John McManus’s THE QUARE LAND [***] Electrocuted in His Own Bathtub! Crusty Old Irishman Gets What Was Coming-To-Him!

Daddy Long Legs

September 1, 2015
At The Davenport-Theatre: Paul Gordon & John Caird’s DADDY LONGLEGS [*****] Penniless-Orphan-Girl Acquires a Lot-of...

The Christians

September 1, 2015
At The Playwrights-Horizons’ Mainstage-Theatre: Lucas Hnath’s THE CHRISTIANS [*****] Charismatic-Evangelical-Minister Dismays Mega-Church-Members: New-Readings of Old-Texts!

Spring Awakening

September 1, 2015
At The Brooks-Atkinson-Theatre: Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik’s SPRING AWAKENING [*****] Silent-Signing-Singers Recreate Grim-German-Gymnasium of 1891:

The New Morality

September 1, 2015
At The Mint-Theatre: Harold Chapin’s THE NEW MORALITY [****] Hysterics on a Houseboat: Overwrought & Undervalued, Betty Jones Uses Very Bad Language!

The Legend of Georgia McBride

September 1, 2015
At The Lucille-Lortel-Theatre: Matthew Lopez’s THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA McBRIDE [*****] Failed Elvis-Impersonator Knocks-...

In Bed With Roy Cohn

September 1, 2015
At The Lion-Theatre on Theatre-Row: Joan Beber’s IN BED WITH ROY COHN [*****] JOE McCARTHY’S HIT-MAN IN DEATH-DELIRIUM:

Informed Consent

September 1, 2015
Deborah Zoe Laufer’s INFORMED CONSENT [****] DNA Be Damned! We Want Our Blood-Samples Back! Our Grand-Canyon Creation-Myth Has Been Attacked! We Are Not All Cousins & Mankind Did N...

Travels With My Aunt

September 1, 2015
Giles Havergal’s Adaptation of Graham Greene’s TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT [*****] Gender-Switches & Role-Sharing: On the International-Road with Henry & Aunt Åugusta… Aunt Augusta isn’t quite what she may seem to the Outside-World. But even to he...

Cloud Nine

September 1, 2015
Caryl Churchill’s CLOUD NINE [*****] Unscheduled Medical-Emergency Adds Sense-of-Reality To Hilarious Colonial-Brit Sex-Spoof! Hey, Guess What? Tommy Tune, the Original-Manhattan-Director of Cloud Nine, was in the Atlantic-Aud...

Amazing Grace

September 1, 2015
Christopher Smith & Arthur Giron’s AMAZING GRACE [*****] Not Only Amazing, But Also Awesome—Visually & Musically: Slave-Trade & Traders, Tall-Ships & Naval-Engagements, African-Queens, London-Parlors...

A Midsummer's Night Dream

September 1, 2015
At The Pearl-Theatre:Chris Marlowe or Bill Shakespeare’sA MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM[*****]What Fools These Mortals Be! Aha! But They Are of Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made…Do not think that you will have "but slumbered here”—as the Bard has it—for there is No-Possibility that you will fall asleep during the High-Octane-Performances of this Hudson-Valley-Shakespeare MNSD-Troupe!But it’s not only their Furiously-Choreographed-Energy that will keep you on the edge of your seat…No, there’s a Visual-Problem to Solve: Who Is Really Playing Whom?An E...

Love and Money

September 1, 2015
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Report for January 2016

Report for January 2016 ©GLENN LONEY 2016 PASSING-GLANCES AT SCENES-SEEN: At The Lucille Lortel Theatre:

Report for February 2016

Report for February 2016 ©GLENN LONEY 2016 PASSING-GLANCES AT SCENES-SEEN: At The Minetta Lane Theatre:

Report for March 2016

Report for March 2016 ©GLENN LONEY 2016 PASSING-GLANCES AT SCENES-SEEN: At The Lucille Lortel Theatre:

Report from Iran/Persia March 2016

Report from Persia/Iran in March 2016 ©Glenn Loney 2016 KEEPER OF THE GOLDEN-CAMEL: The Mark of Zorro-Aster! Hey! Alex! Keep your Hands-Off anything pertaining to Zoroaster, the Keeper of the Golden-Camel! Or did that Non-Smokeable-Camel belong to Someone-Else with Prophetic-Gifts? Anyway, Alexander-The-Great was not r...

Report for April 2016

Report for April 2016 ©Glenn Loney 2016 PASSING-GLANCES AT SCENES-SEEN: At The Atlantic Theatre:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

March 25, 2015
At The Paper-Mill-Playhouse at Millburn, NJ: Walt Disneys THE HUNCH-BACK OF NOTRE-DAME [*****]

Glenn's Elf review

December 5, 2014
At The Paper-Mill-Playhouse in Milburn, NJ: Meehan, Martin, Sklar, & Beguelins ELF [****] Tired of Chas. Dickens Christmas-Carol? How A...

Glenn's Report for July & August 2014

September 1, 2014
Report for The Months of July & August 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THESE-WERE-THE-MONTHS-THAT-WERE Actually, this Summer-Arts-Report spans only Six-Weeksfrom 9 July to 20 August, during which there were more Sight/Site-Seeings than Evenings-in-the-Opera My Arts-Archive-Colleague, Scott Bennett, had promised his Beloved-Valentina that hed take her to Paris one...

Glenn's Report for September 2014

October 1, 2014
Report for The Month of September 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS The UN-General-Assembly once again managed to Tie-Up-Traffic from Fifth-Avenue-Eastward in Mid-Town. Various World-Leaders lectured Area-Trouble-Makers on Statecraft & International-Responsibility....

Glenn's Report for June 2014

July 1, 2014
Report for The Month of June 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS Madison Avenue & 49th-Street was Clogged with Police-Cars, Fire-Trucks, & an FDNY-Ambulance. Both Sides of Madisonbetween 49th & 50th-Streetswere Festooned with Disaster-Tapes. Both Intersections were also Closed-to-Traffic. A Body lay on the Pavement, immediately in front of a Black-SUV. Mine was the La...

Glenn's Report for February 2014

March 4, 2014
Report for The Month of February 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS Considering the Epically-Cold-Weather, it was a Heaven-Sent-Blessing that February was & is The-

Glenn's Report for December 2013

January 4, 2014
Report for The Month of December 2013 ©GLENN LONEY 2013 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS With Chanukkah coinciding with Turkey-Time, instead of coming closer to Christian-Christmasas opposed to Commercial-Christmas

Glenn's Report for January 2014

February 1, 2014
Report for The Month of January 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS Those Resolute-Republican-Lawmakers, who deride the Wide-Spread-Fears of Global-Warming, must surely have been

Glenn's Report for April 2014

May 1, 2014
Report for The Month of April 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS April-Fool! April-Fool! April-Fool! New Yorkers may have thought that Spring had already Sprung. But they were still a Bit-Under-the-Weather by the Approach-of-May The Rotten & Ever-Changeable-Weather did not make Play-Going any easier either, both for Ticket-Buying...

Glenn's Humana 2014

April 15, 2014
Report for The Humana-Festival of March-April 2014 ©GLENN LONEY 2014 THIS-WAS-THE-HUMANA-THAT-WAS Not Just-Another-Festival, But Also The Annual-Pow-Wow of ATCA, Or the American-Theatre-Critics-Association, Plus Therapy for FATCA,...

Report for November 2013

December 3, 2013

Glenn's September 2013 Museums

October 7, 2013
Glenn Loneys Rambles Round Museums, Galleries, Installations, & Auctions At The Asia-Society: IRAN MODERN [Closing 5 January 2014] Thanks to the US imposing Punishing-Sanctions on

Glenn's September 2013 Shows

October 7, 2013
Report for The Month of September 2013 ©GLENN LONEY 2013 THIS-WAS-THE-MONTH-THAT-WAS Hardly Unpacked from climbing up Crags to visit Dracula-Castles in Romantic-Romania, Your Roving Arts-Reporter was somewhat Unprepared for the

Glenn's Report For May 2013

3 June 2013
Report for The Month of May 2013 ©GLENN LONEY 2013 

Glenn's Report for January 2013

4 February 2013
Report for The Month of January 2013 ©GLENN LONEY 2013  THIS-WAS-THE-M...

Glenn's November 2012 Report

December 1, 2012

Glenn's October 2012 Report

November 1, 2012

Klimt's Vienna 2012

17 August 2012
Report from Klimt’s-Vienna in The Month of August 2012 ©GLENN LONEY 2012  CELEBRATING GUSTAV KLIMT…

Nuremberg-Durer & Prechtl 2012

5 August 2012
Report from Nuremberg on Albrecht Dürer & Matthew Matthias Prechtl in 2012 ©GLENN LONEY 2012 

Glenn's American Theatre Critics Conference Report 2012

12 June 2012
Report: Theatre in Chicago & Milwaukee—American-Theatre-Critics-Conference! ©GLENN LONEY 2012  THIS-WAS-THE-TRIP-INTO-THE-HEARTLAND-THAT-WAS…

Report for June 2012

Report for The Month of June 2012 ©GLENN LONEY 2012  THI...

Report for May 2012

Report for The Month of May 2012 ©GLENN LONEY 2012  THIS...

Report for January 2012

1 February 2012

Report for December 2011

3 January 2012


An Online-Holiday-Special from Glenn Loney For Readers of NY-Museums & NY-Theatre-Wire.Com ©INFOTOGRAPHY/Glenn Loney/2009 Before there was a Belasco Theatre on West 44th Street, there was already a Belasco Theatre on West 42nd Street—which later became known as "The Theatre-Block.” This is why the current holder of that playhouse-name was opened as Belas...

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